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I’m Erik Gerhardt

Not a career politician | Libertarian


Running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

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What a Libertarian in the Senate would do for the country…

Libertarians today have a national platform for NAP (Non-Aggregation Principal).  This means standing against more and never-ending wars. Also, a voice for not taking of rights of all peoples in this great nation.  It was written by those whose rights were being taken by force by a hostile government.  The word of the constitution where to control the power of the government, not the rights of the people as the people are the driving and deciding force of our nation. I will defend this with my life and life’s work if I become a senator. I will also move for the voice of term limits in all branches of government.  Also, I see that our government as it stands is broken and corrupt, I feel the qualified immunity the politicians receive today is being taken advantage of.  This must be reworked to ensure the trust of integrity by the people.  If this can be achieved many bad actors will leave and a new dawn can arise in our country for the better.

Follow the NAP

Protect your rights

Obey the Constitution

A voice against corruption

What are Erik’s views on policies?

Erik will continue to share his views on current events and dive into these details deeper. Here is a framework for what he believes…

Jobs and Economy

As we stand as a nation, I see stark division mostly on purpose to control the lives of the people of America.  Our government taxes and creates more and more taxes to keep the masses down and scraping for better standing.  As a libertarian taxes are theft and the elimination of as many taxes going to a flat tax on sales would simplify all processes and the elimination of property tax would allow for the growth of equity and independence our country was founded on.  With fewer taxes, the money you work so hard for would go farther for you and your families. I will work for the property tax to be eliminated for everyone who owns 1 home and for those more fortunate a tax on those properties they have at a lower rate.  This alone but as a start will make everyone’s jobs be better-paying jobs as you take more home regardless. 

Secondly, there should be no extra credit for unemployment benefits as we today live in a society where there are more than enough jobs for everyone.  Only at a tipping point where jobs and population are scarce should a UBI (universal basic income) should be considered. It will be my duty as a senator for pa to enter my ideas for a better tomorrow for everyone not just some Americans

Social Injustice and Police Reform

Social injustice is a forefront line of topic in today’s America.  Many say police reform is needed I too believe this but not in the form of cuts to spending as we have seen this is detrimental to every city that did so or removing resources that the police use. I believe in an early reform to the academy and the way cadets are trained and the services they provide. On the training front, a jujitsu base for pacifying a suspect with as little brutality I think should be implemented so deadly force is not always the option.  My other idea is to send the cadets out into the cities they wish to serve to do just that serve the communities.  This service would take the form of meals on wheels deliveries and community service. And in the cases of direct contact with those in the communities the citizens served can grade them on demeanor and professionalism.  With that extra info, we can weed out bad actors in the force before they abuse the power they wheeled and tragedy or loss of wrongful death ackers.  Also, this being in the community will allow for relationships and knowledge of the areas prior to being in the line of duty.  This may help with the de-escalation of situations to also prevent loss of life. 

War on Drugs

The war on drugs is a very libertarian topic.  As libertarians we feel ending the war on drugs as the drugs have won will stop smuggling and real abuse of the harshest of drugs.  Starting with the full decriminalizing of marijuana and the many other non-addictive drugs.  I personally feel weed is a natural medicine and should be allowed in every state in the USA.  The war on drugs is also a national security issue with smugglers harming innocent people for profit. Legalizing everything for safe use and reconstruction for the FDA and FCC to classify natural drugs to remain in their natural form and not modified genetically to be addictive must happen.

Millions of people are affected by manmade drugs all over our nation for the loss of life and livelihoods.  There are countless men and women in jail as we speak for non-violent crimes and should be free in every state for the charge they received it is now made legal. 

About Me

I am Erik Gerhardt, a Pennsylvanian through and through. I love this state from the cold winters to the beauty of the spring and summers.  I’m a former boy scout patrol leader, senior patrol leader, and also den chief. Working in the construction field since I was 16 and attending north Montco tech, I also took part in their Pennsylvanian youth apprenticeship program.  Graduating in 2004 from Souderton area high school I continued in construction working for my father and other construction companies till 2015 when I started my own company ECG Carpentry.

As the times grow more turbulent my body needs a break but my mind is strong and in search of a challenge.  I have many ideas to bring to our country and would like to set my problem-solving skills to the senate.  What we need in government is change and new young minds to bring a bright future.  I intend to build the framework of a greater America for all and a fresh beacon for a world united.

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Taking on the duopoly means we need to work harder, raise more money, and put our message out more than those statists. There are restrictions that prevent Libertarians from getting on the ballot, debating, and countless other areas. Help out the campaign, and help out every single citizen’s future in this country!