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I’m Erik Gerhardt

Not a career politician | Libertarian


Running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

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What a Libertarian in the Senate would do for the country…

Libertarians embrace the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) as one of our core precepts. It says that no one may aggress against the person or property of anyone else, and that people have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. I stand firm in my support for the NAP, and would vote in accordance with it as a senator.

I would be a voice for increasing individual freedoms across this great nation, and a voice against a hostile government that wants to, bit-by-bit, erase our liberty. The Constitution was written to control the power of the government, not to constrict the liberties of its people.

To that end, I will also fight for term limits in Congress as a whole. Career politicians tend toward corruption, and the longer they are in power, the more susceptible they are to special interests and lobbies. Many in Congress abuse their qualified immunity. We need to severely limit and rework it, so that we can rebuild goodwill between the people and those that represent them. Ousting career politicians is an integral first step in doing so. What a breath of fresh air citizen-representatives would be for the health of the United States! It is what the Founding Fathers intended, and it is what we need to get back to!  

Follow the NAP

Protect your rights

Obey the Constitution

A voice against corruption

What are Erik’s views on policies?

Erik will continue to share his views on current events and dive into these details deeper. Here is a framework for what he believes…

Jobs and Economy

Both state and federal governments continue to exert ever-increasing control over the lives of Americans. When individuals and families have to scrape just to get from paycheck to paycheck, liberty is crushed. When tax burdens break peoples’ backs, liberty is trounced.

Most taxes are nothing short of theft. I want to decrease taxes to their absolute minimum. We can simplify the tax code by applying a flat tax on sales. We can promote the independence our founding fathers intended by eliminating property taxes. With fewer taxes, more of the money you work hard for will stay in your pocket.

I will work to drop property taxes for those who own one home and provide a reduced property tax rate for those who own additional properties.

Further, I am against extra credit for unemployment benefits. In our current economy, there are more than enough jobs for everyone. Only when jobs are scarce should we consider enacting the UBI (Universal Basic Income).

As your PA senator, I will work to make our tax burden lighter for every citizen, not just a select few Americans.

Social Injustice and Police Reform

Social injustice is a frontline topic in America today. I agree with those who say that we need police reform. Effective, practical reform does not involve cutting funding. Defunding the police hurts communities, as we have witnessed. I propose that we engage police reform starting with recruits, and continue it throughout a police officer’s career.

At the police academy, I propose training recruits in jujitsu specifically as a means of subduing suspects with as little brutality as possible. This will help to minimize using deadly force. Further, I would like to see recruits complete community service credits before graduation. This will help them connect with people and challenge any personal prejudices. Citizens could then give feedback on the recruits they meet as well. This feedback can be one of the methods evaluators can use to weed out bad actors. Practical, career-long continued training will help with de-escalation and prevent loss of lives.

War on Drugs

The war on drugs is a very libertarian topic.  As libertarians we feel ending the war on drugs as the drugs have won will stop smuggling and real abuse of the harshest of drugs.  Starting with the full decriminalizing of marijuana and the many other non-addictive drugs.  I personally feel weed is a natural medicine and should be allowed in every state in the USA.  The war on drugs is also a national security issue with smugglers harming innocent people for profit. Legalizing everything for safe use and reconstruction for the FDA and FCC to classify natural drugs to remain in their natural form and not modified genetically to be addictive must happen.

Millions of people are affected by manmade drugs all over our nation for the loss of life and livelihoods.  There are countless men and women in jail as we speak for non-violent crimes and should be free in every state for the charge they received it is now made legal. 


The issue of abortions should not be diced by the senate, one man or woman at any position in government. It is a personal decision that should be made by the woman herself and those she confided in. The court’s decision was the right one and the states and their people should have a constitutional question added to the ballot to have the people decide on the issue.

About Me

I am Erik Gerhardt, a Pennsylvanian through and through. I love this state, from the cold winters to the beautiful springs and summers. Growing up, I was involved in the Boy Scouts for many years as a Scout, Patrol, and Senior Patrol Leader as well as Den Chief. I began working in construction at sixteen, and I am still there today. In 2015 I started my own business, ECG Carpentry.

As a business owner, I have had to track the economy and political sphere, and I saw many challenges that our country needs to address. I am a problem-solver who knows how to plan, engage, and carry a multifaceted project to completion. I can contribute my leadership and business skills to attacking our nation’s problems. We need a change in government with fresh ideas and young minds to brighten our future. In the US Senate, I intend to lay down a freedom-forward foundation for a better tomorrow.  

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Taking on the duopoly means we need to work harder, raise more money, and put our message out more than those statists. There are restrictions that prevent Libertarians from getting on the ballot, debating, and countless other areas. Help out the campaign, and help out every single citizen’s future in this country!